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Kyle Kuzma gets hot early to help USA Basketball beat Australia in exhibition game

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Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma continues to look like one of the most dangerous scoring threats on the floor for USA Basketball.

Kyle Kuzma continued to show off his overhauled shot during USA Basketball’s 102-86 victory over Australia in an exhibition game played early Thursday morning. The Los Angeles Lakersforward knocked down three of his first four threes in the first quarter to explode out of the gate with 9 points before ultimately finishing with 12 off of the bench.

Kuzma didn’t do a ton else beyond that run to impact the game, ultimately finishing as one of just three players on Team USA with a negative box plus-minus (-2) in the contest, but his ability to get hot at a moment’s notice does still appear to be an asset this team will value, and it’s hard not to think he’s at the very least made a decent case to make the final roster when the team actually begins the 2019 FIBA World Cup early next month.

Kuzma’s 3-point stroke in the game was also a sight to behold, and something Lakers fans should be crossing their fingers will continue when the NBA season begins, as whether Kuzma makes the final Team USA roster or not, the purple and gold’s offense will be basically unstoppable around LeBron James and Anthony Davis if Kuzma is shooting like this.



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